Unlike Any Other, May Sim’s Signature Webinars

2020 the world changed. COVID-19 was like a tsunami that hit globally forcing all events to be taken online…

Trace the blow-by-blow accounts in each webinar where May shares from the astrological perspective, warning the viewers with exact pin-point precision of what to expect and be mentally prepared for!

Watch these webinar replays to find out why MORE THAN 51,000 VIEWERS from 34 countries and regions hang on to every word on the sessions. These are no ordinary webinars…

28 & 29 JAN 2023 Ace Your 2023: 2 Day Prediction & Planning Summit

14 MAY 2022 Livestream Replay: “The Second Wave: Raise The Siren”

8 Jan 2022 LIVE Webinar Replay: “Life In The Air Era – Let’s Talk About Your Personal Role”

20 Nov 2021 LIVE Webinar Replay: “The Second Wave: It’s Not Over Yet”

19 Jun 2020 LIVE Webinar Replay: “Half Time: Strategies For 2021 & Beyond”

10 Jan 2021 LIVE Webinar Replay: “The Rules Have Changed”

8 Aug 2020 LIVE Webinar Replay: “Rising Above The Tsunami”

20 Jun 2020 LIVE Webinar Replay: “The Rise Of The Freelancer”

30 May 2020 LIVE Webinar Replay: “The Future Of Work”

25 Apr 2020 LIVE Webinar Replay: “The Full Truth Revealed”

18 Jan 2020 LIVE Event Replay: “2020 Dawn Of The New Millennium”

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