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The Best Astrologer Singapore Has To Offer

Getting To Your Core Psychology & Personal Transformation

The chart is like a unique thumbprint or DNA. Understanding it allows you to get down to the core personality and psychological obstacles, applying it to a very practical context for positive contribution.

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Getting To Your Core Psychology & Personal Transformation

The chart is like a unique thumbprint or DNA. Understanding it allows you to get down to the core personality and psychological obstacles, applying it to a very practical context for positive contribution.

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May Sim’s Practical & Straightforward Approach To Applying Astrology

May Sim is the region’s premier Psychological Astrologer, and is known for her straight-forward, no nonsense practical and structured approach to applying astrology towards achieving personal purpose and fulfillment.

With well over 19 years of experience in astrology, she specializes in interpreting astrological charts to provide insights into an individual’s life. May Sim has been featured twice in The New York Times Style Magazine and other established publications both online and offline, including MediaCorp Publications, Zula.sg

Her public astrology webinars covering the prediction of global events, to the interpretation of one’s life purpose with their own natal chart, have drew more than 45,000 viewers from 28 countries. May Sim has been engaged to speak at Facebook, Fortinet, Omega, RADO, Hansgrohe and government organisations like the Health Sciences Authority and E2i.

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Astrology Courses

Nothing is more transformational than when we get to the root cause of personal obstacles and breaking through to allow the individual to pursue their intended purpose powerfully with confidence and fulfillment. 

Discover how through using the tool of psychological astrology, to be able to shine the light on parts of ourselves, highlighting blindspots, digging deep into what makes someone desire to do the things that deep in their hearts, always wanted to do, but are however stopped by internal negative self-talk and self-imposed limitations.

By understanding the unique interplay of zodiac signs, astrological planets and houses in our birth chart, we can uncover the key aspects of our personality and psyche that may be holding us back.

Natal astrology enables us to address these challenges head-on, breaking free from limitations and empowering ourselves to pursue our true purpose with newfound meaning and fulfillment.

Our Astrology Courses Are Now Conducted Online, Suitable For International Students.

Astrology Programmes

Unique Signature Webinars, Unlike Any Other

51,000+ Viewers

Providing guidance to an audience of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed individuals making crucial decisions to pivot plans & strategies from 2020 onwards.

34 Countries & Regions

Global reach with an international audience logging in online from across USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia and of course, locally here in Singapore.

9 Webinars, 51+ Hours

9 Jammed-packed webinars where May traces the predictions for what to expect on a global perspective – more importantly, what to prepare for the new era.

2020 the world changed. COVID-19 was like a tsunami that hit globally forcing all events to be taken online…

Trace the blow-by-blow accounts in each webinar where May shares from the astrological perspective, warning the viewers with exact pin-point precision of what to expect and be mentally prepared for!

Watch these webinar replays to find out why MORE THAN 51,000 VIEWERS from 34 countries and regions hang on to every word on the sessions. These are no ordinary webinars…

Watch Webinar Replays

28 & 29 Jan 2023 | Ace Your 2023: 2 Day Prediction & Planning Summit

14 May 2022 LIVE Webinar Replay:
“The Second Wave: Raise The Siren”

8 Jan 2022 [LIVESTREAM Q&A] “Life In The Air Era – Let’s Talk About Your Personal Role”

Corporate Clients We Work With

What Our Students Say

The course helped me gain clarity of my Natural Audience and how to incorporate my purpose. I work with a great team now, and it gave me the confidence to pivot my business to become a pioneer market leader in an entirely new realm/ industry

Derrick Chew
Theatrical Entertainment Producer, Sight Lines Entertainment

It had bothered me to see some of my coaching clients get stuck, and for me to be ineffective to address their psychological barriers and concerns. After the course, I applied the techniques and seen immediate, effective transformative results with my clients.

Xin Hong Tan
Relationship Consultant & Coach, HappilyLove
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our astrology courses different from what you would find at another astrology university or online courses?

The Western astrology courses offered by Selfstrology Academy are designed by May Sim, a famous Astrologer with over 19 years of experience. The focus of the course goes beyond just the simplistic zodiac horoscopes, Sun and Moon signs. But rather, students dive deep into psychological astrology, which allows students to have a solid foundation in reading natal charts and develop skills to apply directly to life. Her unique and practical approach to astrology, sets these courses apart from others, making them some of the best astrology courses available.

Is there an astrology course suitable for beginners?

Students begin with the foundation course named Introduction To Astrology: Decode The Birth Chart programme, which is meant to introduce astrological concepts to individuals with no prior knowledge of astrology. The training follows a structured curriculum which allows you to build upon their knowledge progressively, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the parts of astrology birth charts (such as the different symbols, planets, zodiac signs, houses etc.). These courses also come with a learning management system that includes online resources such as easy-to-watch videos that you can watch at your own pace and simple course assignments that you can apply to your own astrological chart. Students will also be included in a Telegram group so that all your questions would be answered.

Are there advanced courses that go beyond just the foundational concepts designed for more advanced astrology students?

Beyond just the basic chart reading skills, students who wish to take their astrological education further may be interested in transits and predictions. These skills will require more additional time to teach and involve very rigorous training with strict course assignments. Hence, these astrology modules are only offered to students who have completed the psychological astrology programme and also to students who have the intention to become professional astrologers.

How do I enroll on the course, and are there any prerequisites to join?

The Introduction To Astrology: Decode The Birth Chart programme does not require any prerequisites. To enrol, you can visit this link for more information or get in contact with the team. The more advanced modules such as Technical Astrology and the Psychological Astrology course will require students to have sufficient training and have completed the Decode The Birth Chart programme.

Who will be the instructor for the courses?

Most of the courses in Selfstrology Academy will be conducted by May Sim. May is a psychological astrologer in Singapore with more than 19 years of experience consulting clients and providing valuable insights and guidance to individuals to apply astrology to their careers, work and pursuits for a fulfilling life purpose. Occasionally, courses may include an instructor who is a genuine astrologer trained by May Sim.

Can I access the astrology courses online from anywhere in the world, or are they only available to students in specific regions?

While the academy is based in Singapore, our students attend our courses from all around the world. The astrology courses are conducted entirely online, making them suitable for international students and can be accessed from any part of the world with a reliable internet connection to learn astrology.

What if I do not have an exact birth time?

Astrology works best when there is an exact time of birth, this is because birth charts are a map of the exact positions of the celestial bodies in the universe when you are born. If your birth records do not have a birth time, a trained astrologer will be able to employ an astrology technique called rectification, including an interview to be able to determine with as close an accuracy as possible for your natal chart, given the most-likely positions of your planets, signs and houses.

Does Selfstrology practice other forms of astrology like Vedic astrology?

No. May Sim does not practice Vedic astrology. She is not an Indian astrologer or a Vedic astrologer by trade. May Sim practices Western astrology with a focus on personal development; this is separate from being a ‘traditional’ spiritual healer, or performing Singapore numerology/psychic reading/tarot reading for the purpose of fortune telling. Instead, May Sim’s focus is on horoscope reading and planetary movements.

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