Structured Astrology Education
For Personal Profiling & Transformation

Beyond magazine horoscopes and computerised chart generators, many students seek the ability to interpret charts for themselves.

Selfstrology Academy is a game-changer for astrology learners:
  • Demystifying astrology. No more a 'woo-woo' topic, understand the system and structure of this fascinating language
  • Practical application. Use chart interpretations for building career & relationship profiles and making life-changing decisions 
  • Direct & Straightforward. Deliver accurate interpretations without years of self-study

Choose The Category That Best Describes You:

I would like to:
  • Plan & strategise the next chapter of my career life
  • ​Dive deep into my personal purpose and meaningful career
I would like to:
  • Deliver insightful and rich interpretations
  • ​Apply astrology to real-life context & applications
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