Astrology for Leaders, Self-Employed & Business Owners

When you are at crossroads in your life, a single decision you make can be highly consequential.

Your actions at crucial moments can be:
the difference between success and failure…
the factor between fulfillment and loss…
or even the missing link between a reconciliation or a breakup…

Such decision-making instances are stressful, frustrating and difficult, especially so if your decision affects others you care about, beyond your own personal interests.

And worst of all…

As a leader of a team or an organisation, sometimes there’s just no one you can talk to or ask for advice.

Especially if the problem is personal, psychological or emotional.

Things like…

  • That something doesn’t feel right
  • Loss of personal direction
  • Personal fears and concerns about upcoming developments
  • Interpersonal relationships

Things you can’t quite consult a lawyer, accountant or marketer about.

Throughout history, great leaders have had skilled astrologers among their many advisors, with astrology providing insights, foresight and strategic considerations that other professional fields cannot supply.

For you, a consultation with a professional astrologer is more
than just a curiosity or a purposeless fortune-telling session.

You may be seeking to:

  • Address blind spots in the situation you are dealing with
  • Be cognizant of decision consequences and alternatives
  • Manage your personal weaknesses and break negative cycles
  • Strategise and plan for mid- and long-term business and financial plans

What Clients Say

Jayden Ooi

Co-Founder & Director of
33 Technologies Pte Ltd

“You had been remarkably spot-on with your assessment on a project that seemed too good to be true – which we could not refuse at that point of the business.

However, we decided to raise our costs to accommodate the unseen risks. Eventually, the predicted scenario came true and we were well remunerated for our risks.”

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Talent Leadership Crucible Pte Ltd

“The consultation session had helped the company save half a million dollars!

It made me realise the pressing need to take charge and resolve a very difficult situation, that I and the business was facing at the time of the consultation.

Sugo Rika

Founder & Chief Brand Marketer of

When I saw the impact of COVID that hit my clients’ businesses, I immediately saw how the advice that May had provided during the consultation is extremely valuable.

It provided me the tools to work on for my clients and help the various businesses evolve – not just to survive, but to thrive in this new global change.”

Zachary Young

Chief Executive Officer of
Underdog Strategy Pte Ltd

“May is highly detailed and professional in the work she does. She tells me traits and characteristics about myself that no one else notices and that has been very useful as it enable me to play to my strengths.

I highly recommend her for any business owners who want to plan their way forward and also, have a deeper understanding of themselves so that they can better apply themselves to their work to reap maximum effectiveness.”

Derrick Chew

Director of
Sightlines Entertainment

“Something always felt off, despite being successful in running restaurants and consultancy projects.

Astrology helped me come to terms with the fact that theatre is my true passion.

I am now a full-fledged theatre producer pioneering hybrid theatre and gaming projects”

Joan Tan

Director of
Switch Productions Pte Ltd

“Straight forward and no-nonsense approach offered me clear directions and helped me better understand myself in totality. I now understand my strengths as an individual

Today, I continue running a successful events company while building my coaching business”

Business Advisory Consultant/
Psychological Astrologer

May Sim

May’s specialisation is in Psychological Astrology and known for her direct, practical down-to-earth approach. For almost two decades, she has helped management executives and business owners with critical decision-making considerations and strategic challenges in the business.

Psychological Astrology, Business Advisory, Business Strategic Forecasts

Credentials & Qualifications
Diploma in Modern Astrology (IAA)
– First Asian Graduate of International Academy of Astrology (IAA)
– First Asian Lecturer in International Academy of Astrology (IAA)

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Consultation Services

Psychological Astrology Consultation & 2-Year Timeline Forecast


✅ Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
✅ Career / Business Profiling
✅ Direct Consultation with May Sim via Zoom
✅ Written Report with 2-Year Personal Forecast by May Sim

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★ Recommended

Astrology Consultation


✅ Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
✅ Career / Business Profiling
✅ Direct Consultation with May Sim via Zoom

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For Existing Clients Only

Followup Consultation

(Applies if last consultations was 12 months ago)


✅ Discounted Rate
✅ Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
✅ Direct Consultation with May Sim via Zoom

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Consultation Fees begin from SGD$850 onwards

Are May’s Predictions Accurate?

May has done 10 public webinars over the last 3 years, with attendees logging in from more than 28 countries.

The webinars have accumulated so many examples of spot-on predictions that they will take up too much space to feature them here.

You can visit this page to see proof of the predictions, as well as links to the videos, with uploaded time stamps so you can verify that these are indeed forecasts and not post-event analyses.

See spot-on predictions from past webinars

Booking A Consultation

1. Send An Enquiry
2. Diagnostic Call
3. Schedule An Appointment
4. See May In Consultation

Request An Diagnostic Call

To make an appointment with May:

  1. Fill in this enquiry form.
  2. Details submitted via this form goes directly to May Sim, so to help her prepare best for the consultation, describe the challenge(s) you’re facing as clearly as you can.

What To Expect:
A staff member will get in touch with you to schedule your Diagnostic Call with May.

After going through the Diagnostic Call with May, then we’ll proceed to schedule the actual Consultation Session.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the consultation fees?

    May’s consultation fees begin from SGD$850 for regular consultations based on the client’s birth charts. Additional fees may apply if specific techniques are required; these may include forecasting (predictive astrology), astro*cartography (world map astrology), synastry/composites (relationship astrology), horary (time-based divination), rectification (correction of birth time), or if the consultation requires interpretation of multiple astrology charts.

    What is included in the consultation?

    Included in the consultation fees are any reports prepared by May for the specific consultation (if applicable) and the video recording of the consultation session. For May’s clients, what is valued far above any report or recording is the personal clarity and practical solutions obtained via direct consultation with her practical, down-to-earth perspective.

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