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Here are links to May Sim’s services and online content.

  1. King’s Oracle Business Advisory Consultation (Click here)
    May Sim’s personal consultation service is exclusively for self-employed individuals. Rates begin in the four-figures.
  2. Courses/Programmes (Click here)
    Ranging from beginner introduction astrology courses to professional astrologer training programmes, see here for course details.
  3. Webinars (Click here)
    Watched by more than 45,000 viewers across 28 countries, May Sim’s groundbreaking live webinars are uploaded free for the public. Watch the replays here.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via the email address or WhatsApp number listed below.

Email: Hello@maysim.com
WhatsApp: +65 8138 3615

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    Press/ Media Interviews

    If you are a major media outlet looking to do an interview, please provide your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Media Kit & Resources:

    May Sim’s Bio & Media Interview Kit (Click here)
    Past Media Features & Interviews (Click here)
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      Speaking Engagements

      May Sim is the region’s premier Psychological Astrologer, and is known for her dynamic personality, stage presence and a razor-sharp wit, drawing speaking engagements with audiences of hundreds at Facebook, Fortinet, Omega, RADO, Hansgrohe and government organisations like the Health Sciences Authority and E2i.

      She is highly sought-after known for her direct and candid delivery, with a very practical approach and the focus on real-life applications. Have a chat with us for a discussion on how we can apply the astrological insights for your purpose and industry.

      Speaker Bio & Resources

      May Sim Speaker Deck (Click here)
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        General Enquiries

        Have an enquiry that doesn’t belong to any of the other categories? Or if you would like to send a personal message to May Sim or the team, drop us a message with the form below and the team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

        Email: Hello@maysim.com
        WhatsApp: +65 8138 3615

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