Discover The Secret To Precise & Accurate Astrology Chart Interpretations

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With insights from your unique astrology birth chart, discover how you can dive deep into your psyche, use your skills and serve a meaningful purpose…

My name is May Sim, and in 18 years of my professional astrology practice, I’ve had thousands of clients and students who seek to discover their personal strengths and to align with their personal purpose.

I teach a programme called “Decode Your Birth Chart”, and so far we have helped hundreds of students realign their careers to match their purpose, simply by uncovering their natural personality, natural skills and natural audience.

Among my students are professionals, managers, bosses, organization founders etc. – they have taken on meaningful careers, made powerful life purpose decisions, gained confidence in their work… and I want you to have this too.

Psychological Astrology had made a significant difference for my work and clients. Despite being unconventional from most other counsellors, it is very rewarding when I incorporate the techniques during my sessions.

Yin Din Foo
Psychologist, Counsellor

I always liked astrology, but it was Psychological Astrology that gave me the confidence to do this as a career. I saw its power to address trauma and bring real transformation to people

Jeremy Tan
Psychological Astrologer

I am a coach and I wanted to have more tools in my toolkit to access to my coachees’ psychology deeper, to help them resolve issues. Now, I actively use PA as part of coaching.

Cheyenne Seah
Business Therapist,
ADHD Advocate, Coach

If you have been trying to learn astrology, you probably want to:

  • Get a structured education – learn astrology properly from a professional
  • Understand parts of yourself that no other profiling tool has been able to uncover
  • Help family and friends get clarity about issues in their life
  • ​Acquire an ultra-reliable tool for adding to your metaphysics toolbox

Astrology is a Tough Discipline to Learn

While the internet seems like a vast, unending source of easy information…

…learning astrology in a structured way is extremely difficult.

Common obstacles learners like yourself face…

Let’s Be Clear –
Why Do You Care for Astrology Anyway?

Before I became a professional, I spent years buying astrology books, reading websites…

Everyone thought it was just my ‘hobby’, but I knew it was more than that.

I could sense that the chart held a story, a message, a wisdom beyond my current understanding.

At first I only cared about my own chart, but it soon became clear that if I learnt this well, I could really help others.

I see the same story in my Serious Learner students.

There is something about astrology that drives the desire to learn more.


Most of my students like YOU want your interpretations to make a transformative difference to others.

And it’s frustrating when:

❌  Your studies don’t get you the understanding you seek.
❌  You read for others and you can tell there is no value-add for them
❌  You read online info about your chart over and over again, but never find solutions to repeated problems

It goes beyond just understanding what the Planets, Signs and Houses mean… We’ll need to have very practical applications and contexts to be able to help others

Introducing Astrology For Career Profiling

A tool that helps people discover their purpose and transition into meaningful careers

Doing the course isn’t just about getting the ‘right’ interpretations!

More importantly,

How does it actually help address the concerns such as; having unfullfilling careers, the lack of confidence, inability to clearly define what the problems are, etc.

It is getting to the heart of describing why you are feeling so miserable.

Why do you feel stuck, unable to move from where you are at.

But also, what actually calls out to you.

What can we do that really gets you into that magic space – into that purpose that you just know that you glow from within?

The answer to this is Psychological Astrology and THE PA MATRIX.

The PA Matrix is a profiling tool that we are going to dive deeper in.

A structured, practical application tool that you can use in your life forever after learning it.

So how does this work?

What kind of results do people get with this?

Initially, I was afraid of putting my face to my coaching practice. I didn’t know what people would think.

This class helped me gain the confidence to be fully self-expressive.

But more importantly, made me realised that I am more capable of helping others with the same issues of self-expression

Joan Tan
Director of Switch Productions

I struggled with expressing myself and not having a voice of my own since I was young.

The course made realised why I had felt that way and the negative impact it has on me and my life.

That had inspired me to go on now to become a vocal coach to help others with similar issues of self-expression.

Joel Low
Actor (Theater) & Vocal Coach Unlock Your voice

I talk about self-worth all the time to my coachees, but I myself did not have a high opinion of myself.

During the course, I discovered the reason I charge so low and it wasn’t sustainable.

Before I even finished May’s class I was charging 3 times my usual fee and still doing great with my clients!

Lacie Ong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

Why Psychological Astrology Works

The Psychological Astrology programme is a unique combination of many factors that makes it so effective at delivering personal transformations for our students.

#1 You Get a Rare Objective View of Yourself

Unlike other interview- or quiz-based profiling systems, the astrology chart is not based on anyone’s subjective opinion, but on the factual positioning of planets at the time of our birth. It’s like reading a medical report or an X-Ray. The issue is either there or it’s not.

#2 Find the Words to Say What You Experience

Astrology is a unique language that helps you find the specific words to describe intangible concepts like life purpose, psychological behaviour and personal beliefs. You’ll finally be able to articulate to others the intentions within you.

#3 Always Applied to Real Life

We get very quality individuals attending this class. The value you get is not just from my teaching, but also from the sharing of real-life experience by the other students. Clarity and personal transformation can come from seeing similar behaviours played in other people’s lives.

#4 Alignment to Your Personal Purpose

No two students will have the same astrology chart, not even twins. This means the outcomes you get from this class are unique to you. You can see clearly how your life has drifted away from your true objectives, and can now take action to realign yourself.

Are you right for this course?

Based on our experience, students who are less suitable for this course:

  • Seek magical fortune-telling abilities
  • ​Expect to obtain chart interpretations without putting in real effort
  • ​Want fancy techniques and astrology terms but not interested in practical applications

Conversely, the students who get immense value from doing the course have:

  • Been seeking a quality astrology education
  • ​Practical avenues in their life where astrology skills can help others
  • Prepared to put in the effort to learn a complex but rewarding skill

Course Dates

Decode The Birth Chart
(1 Weekend)

6 & 7 May 2023 (Sat & Sun)
9.30am-5.30pm (SG, GMT +8)
Registration Closes: 22 Apr

Decode The Birth Chart
(1 Weekend)

3 & 4 June 2023 (Sat & Sun)
9.30am-5.30pm (SG, GMT +8)
Registration Closes: 20 May


Hear what our students say

“I’ve realised that I have ignored psychological factors about myself. Knowing these and being able to know where it comes from makes it easier to come to terms with the shortcomings and move to a better situation.”

Sohila Biczadehtakori
Psychological Astrologer
Sohila B Astrology

“Psychological Astrology pinpoints to certain details that I cannot find with other systems. May is the best metaphysics teacher I have experienced and I have studied with many, many experts”

Francis Yeo
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“Psychological Astrology made a significant difference for my work and clients. It is very rewarding when I incorporate the techniques during my sessions.”

Yin Din Foo
Psychologist, Counsellor

“As a maths tutor to teenagers, I find that astrology helps me to have meaningful conversations and address problems. My students open up to me in ways that they don’t to other adults”

Kevin Khoo
Math Tutor / Educator
Teacher Khoo

“I am blown away by how accurately astrology describes my problems. Now that I know what is wrong I can fix it!”

Lacie Ong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner
Lacie Astrology

“I am an avid learner of enneagram but nothing come close to Psychological Astrology’s accuracy in spotting the mental movies that’s been running in life”

Mun Kit Tong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner
EastWest Astrology

“Despite seeing past success in F&B and consultancy work. This class helped me come to terms that theatre is my true passion. I am now a full-fledged theatre producer”

Derrick Chew
Director & Producer
Sightlines Entertainment

“I struggled with my self-expression from young. The course address that and inspired me to become a vocal coach to help others with challenges of self-expression.”

Joel Low
Vocal Coach / Freelance Actor

“I’ve always felt that there are two parts to myself. This class validated my instinct to juggle two careers. Today, I run both a successful events company and coaching business”

Joan Tan
Switch Productions

“Throughout the courses, it started to get very clear for me that my purpose and the work that I do should involve spirtuality and the larger community”

Anupama Biswas
APAC Senior Director (MNC)

“I didn’t realise how much my parents’ relationship affected my life. This class helped me appreciate my current partner so much more.”

Sheeli Kuang
HR Professional

“I’ve realised it was all due to my personal insecurity. I now have the choice to reframe to turn it into a positive contribution to others and be responsible for my own happiness”

Sherly Chai
HR / Accountant Manager

“It changed the way I saw my identity and my job, helped solved my relationship problems. I was standing up for things which I know were not working out well.”

LingYi Chang
Tech Analyst

“I understood the repeated habits and patterns that manifest in my life. I am able to read my friends and families’ charts more confidently now”

Darilyn Koh
Treasury Analyst

“I now understand why I act the way I do and how circumstances in life shape who I have become and to use them to my advantage”

Jia Hua Chia
Tutor / Educator

“In class, I learnt that my purpose is to empower women who have power struggle issues in their life. With the PA knowledge I have, I launched a new book for women to discover themselves and build deeper connections “

Carmens Loh
Personal Transformation Coach
Author of “Open Up To LOVE”

“This course made me see “hidden” parts of myself so I can find a way to navigate around it. May is a very enthusiastic teacher and it really helps in the learning journey.”

Tarot Card Practitioner
YQ Magic

“I came to the class specifically to understand how I can contribute using my psychological profiles. Now, I use astrology to help others in dead-end careers and own their power “

Cliff Neo
Global Training Manager
Career Astrologer

“Her course taught me to identify my talents, strengths and weaknesses. This is a great life skill.”

Rayn Lim
Founder & Director
Forex100 Academy Pte Ltd

“This course made me figure out how I best contribute to others, be the person I want to be and create value for people as an Astrologer.”

Riley Stein
Veterinary Nurse

“I have learnt to be much less judgmental about others and to understand my own personal psychology”

Kaishan Hu
Financial Consultant

“I found the ability to love others in genuine and less selfish ways. The course has helped me to understand myself and others better, be more compassionate to both self and others”

Wendy Ng

“The course helped point out patterns in my life and might be a good start towards awareness and change”

Betsy Goh
Financial Accountant

“I am a coach and I wanted to have more tools in my toolkit to access to my coachees’ psychology deeper, to help them resolve issues. Now, I actively use PA to help them in my coaching.”

Cheyenne Seah
Business Therapist
ADHC Advocate, Coach

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