Psychological Astrology:

Astrology For Purpose & Impact

Decode The Birth Chart

Course Details
3 & 4 Jun 2023 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 9.30am-5.30pm (GMT+8)
Format: Zoom – Online Live Class

Course Outcomes & Objectives:
✅ Learn astrology basics so you can decode your birth chart
✅ Articulate your strengths and weaknesses

Define your natural skills
Adapt your strengths to your chosen career
Pinpoint who you can help and give value to
Identify your natural role, how you contribute

Intermediate Astrology Module I: Technical Astrology

Course Dates:
– 23 Aug (Wed), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 25 Aug (Fri), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 30 Aug 
(Fri), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 1 Sep 
(Wed), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 6 Sep 
(Fri), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 8 Sep 
(Wed), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 13 Sep 
(Fri), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
– 15 Sep 
(Wed), 7pm-10pm (GMT+8)
Format: Zoom – Online Live Class

Course Outcomes & Objectives:
Standout Behaviour: Retrograde and Out-of-Bounds Planets
Inner Harmony and Conflict: Aspects
Inadequacy, Pain and Life Purpose: Chiron & the Moon’s Nodes

Intermediate Astrology Module II: Psychological Astrology

Course Dates:
– 14 Oct (Sat), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
– 15 Oct (Sun), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
– 21 Oct (Sun), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
– 22 Oct (Sat), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
– 28 Oct (Sun), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
– 28 Oct (Sun), 9:30am-5:30pm (GMT+8)
Format: Zoom – Online Live Class

Course Outcomes & Objectives:
Understanding of the 25 Different Psychological Personas: Ways of identifying the personas from the astrology chart
Psychological Personas in relation to impact and behaviours: Comprehensive descriptions and explanations on the impact and behaviours that could manifest from the personas
Indications of Self-healing & empowerment: How to identify areas of self-healing and empowerment, and direct it to contributions to others

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Course Contact/Support:
Get in touch with the academy’s course administration and support team via email: Hello@maysim.com or WhatsApp: (+65) 8138 3615

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