“Back to normal?” Three years into the Air Era and “Normal” has not arrived

2023 Will See The Crumbling Of Fundamental Structures You Thought Would Last Forever –
Get A No-Nonsense Forecast & Strategise Your Plan for 2023

2-Day Prediction & Planning Summit

Ace Your 2023: Prediction & Planning Summit

Day 1:


28 January 2023 (Saturday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG Time, GMT +8)

Day 2:


29 January 2023 (Sunday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG Time, GMT +8)



My name is May Sim, and more than 50,000 people have watched my prediction webinars in the last 3 years.

I have explained in astrological terms why the world has been moving in such unprecedented patterns, why global crises, government breakdowns, industry U-turns are occurring like they have never happened before.

I wish I could tell you the global roller-coaster is over… But it is not.

2023 brings yet another chapter to the growing pains as the world shifts from the Earth Era to the Air Era.

Unlike other astrologers who use start-of-the-year events to tell you how each sign will fare…

I do something of much more practical use to you.

My predictions focuses on world events, global patterns… and most importantly… how these developments will massively affect regular folk like you and me.

This is why my prediction event attendees are typically professionals, managers, bosses, organisation founders etc.

In the last 3 years, my attendees have used this information to take action on powerful and purposeful decisions, pursue transformative careers and gain confidence in their work.

I want you to have these outcomes too in 2023, that’s why my team and I are launching another forecast webinar.

Are May’s Predictions Accurate?

I have done 9 public webinars over the last 3 years, with attendees logging in from more than 28 countries.

The webinars have accumulated so many examples of spot-on predictions that they will take up too much space to feature them here.

You can visit this page to see proof of the predictions, as well as links to the videos, with uploaded time stamps so you can verify that these are indeed forecasts and not post-event analyses.

See spot-on predictions from past webinars

You cannot expect ‘business-as-usual’ this year. 2023 will make 2020 look like a peaceful year.

If you pay attention to recent global news…

❌   Legislation and legal changes happen on a whim
Lawmakers twist and turn at a moment’s notice, desperate to keep up with sudden about-turns, affecting your projects

❌   Access to resources are becoming more limited and conditional…
The world can no longer keep up the illusion of infinite resources, and as scarcity sets in, how can you plan better to adapt to the new rules of resource availability?

❌   Tensions and conflicts unabated…
The wars seem far away now, but yet the effects undoubtedly hit you anyway. Where will the next wave of conflicts occur and how can you react to these changes?

❌   Leaderships nowhere as stable as in the past…
As old leadership hierarchies fail to deliver, what Air Era skillsets do on-the-ground leaders need to acquire now so that we continue leading from the bottom up?

❌   Traditional work environments and cultures are becoming severely unattractive…
We know we don’t want the old working styles, but do you have the words to describe the new direction you want to go towards?

What Does This Mean For Me?

The world isn’t going back to the Earth Era.

By now, the cracks are obvious in the global financial, economic and leadership system – and it’s time to stop blaming the situation on Covid.

The pandemic has passed, but issues persist, and exacerbate.

That’s why you need a plan for 2023 and beyond.  

Most people just want to ‘know’.

But knowing is just getting the movie script in advance.

The whole point of a forecast is to calibrate your plans according to events that will happen.

This Webinar Will Be Different

First of all, it’s not a prediction webinar.

More accurately, it’s a Prediction & Planning Summit.

It’s not one day. It’s two.

Although it’s been gratifying to have thousands of people pay attention to my predictions over the past few years…

It has bothered me that so many just take pages and pages of notes… but are lost as to what actions to take afterwards.

I have observed that many simply take my predictions… and passively watch events occur one-by-one, as I have predicted…

But continue to live life exactly as they have before the global changes, with little change from life in the Earth Era.

And it’s not always because they disagree with what I’ve presented… but because they don’t always know:

  • How to transition away from old rules and systems
  • How to pivot careers and businesses to adapt to the Air Era
  • How to build values that apply in the Air Era… and most importantly,
  • How to establish a plan that works for YOU. Can’t just wholesale copy or blindly follow other people’s plans.

Ace Your 2023 Is A Prediction AND Planning Summit

Day 1: Prediction – Get Insights on 2023 Developments

✅    2023 Forecast:

  • USA & China: What moves will the bigwigs make and how will they trickle down to us?
  • Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia: What shifts can we expect and when exactly will they happen?
  • Australia, UK and other major nations: What economic and social trends will emerge in these influential countries?

✅    Analysis of 2023 Themes:

  • Groundbreaking insights on what foundational structures will crumble from 2023 pressure
  • Which ‘pandemic’ developments will persist, and which ones will end off?
  • Social trends in 2023 and how you can adapt and prepare for them

Day 2: Planning – Adapt Your Plans for 2023

✅    Magnifying Air Era Themes:

  • Differentiating Earth and Air Era systems and methods
  • Case studies on successful Air Era transitions
  • Guiding questions to apply on your 2023 transition plan

✅    Establishing Air Era Teams:

  • How to transition from ‘Titanic’ hierarchies to lean Superhero teams
  • Collaboration and Bottom-Up leadership in the Air Era
  • Crucial pivot points to create individual expression and contribution

How to Maximise Your Mileage at This Summit

Don’t attend blind and listen passively.

Come prepared with your 2023 plan written down and with as much detail as possible.

Be clear about your 2023 objectives.

Hint: It needs to be much more than just ‘make as much money as possible’

Know who are involved with your 2023 plan

Understand their abilities, traits, objectives. Better still, get them to attend the Summit together with you.

Who Will Benefit Most

#1. Business Owners / Freelancers

  • Make pivotal decisions in your business in fly-or-crash times.
  • Adapt your offers to meet new audience demands
  • Lead from the ground, build a superhero team

#2. Starting a Business in 2023

  • Ride on Air Era trends to launch your new projects
  • Start lean but use Air Era networks and collaborations to expand your reach
  • Gain confidence in your individual skills and abilities

#3. Coaches, Teachers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders

  • Anticipate social trends in advance so you can prepare to support them
  • Identify emerging issues that require human intervention
  • Tap on astrological tools to encourage individual expression and purpose


Hear From Past Webinar Attendees

“May has been accurate in predicting Covid & overall situation for 2020.

It is helpful for everyone to plan for the future

“The regional predictions for USA, UK, Hong Kong Malaysia and Singapore will benefit many key decision makers and business owners, to prepare them for upcoming challenges

“Her own extensive research is a paradigm shift in our realities.

May’s webinar is definitely worth 3 hours of your time

“Her information influences the decisions and actions I’m taking personally to prepare. The 6 hours is worth it

“This is the time to be prepared and not sit idly by while things change rapdily among us

Before You Register

My prediction webinars have always been attractive affairs.

I know many people will register just to ‘know’ what will happen in 2023

But I have been an astrologer for a very long time now, and I know that ‘knowing’ is useless if it doesn’t result in a benefit in your life.

If you come for this event:

Demand of yourself a transformation in 2023. Don’t just come and listen – apply the themes.

Use the Summit to set a clear direction. This is not the time to float around, wait-and-see.

Take steps to adapt your projects and teams. This plan you make could be the difference in how 2023 turns out for you

My team and I are working hard to make sure we have a more practical and valuable session than we have ever had.

I look forward to seeing you at the Summit.

2-Day Prediction & Planning Summit

Ace Your 2023: Prediction & Planning Summit

28 & 29 January 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG, GMT +8)


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