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2023 is time for CHANGE, move needles in improving human development

A Transformative 2023 Is Not Impossible

2-Day Prediction & Planning Summit

Prediction & Planning Summit: Ace Your 2023

Day 1:

(Forecast Analysis & Implications)

28 January 2023 (Saturday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG Time, GMT +8)

Day 2:

(Apply Considerations To Your Plans)

29 January 2023 (Sunday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG Time, GMT +8)


*You will receive reminders and the link to join the Live stream summit on Facebook and Youtube

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My name is May Sim, and in the last 3 years since pre-pandemic 2020, I’ve had more than 50,000 people watch my prediction webinars, where I explain why the world is moving in unprecedented patterns and what to expect next.

Unlike the typical ‘start of the year’ astrology sign forecasts that most other astrologers do… My series of webinars focus on current global situations and their impact on the livelihoods of regular folk like you and me. 

Among my attendees are typically professionals, managers, bosses, organization founders etc. – where they have found the groundbreaking insights shared on the webinars, have not only been spot-on accurate, but also extremely practical and useable in their careers and professional context.

Many of them have used the information to take action and make powerful life purpose decisions, pursued transformative careers and gained confidence in their work… and I want you to have this too.

Prediction Webinars throughout 2020-2022

See how the predictions have been spot-on accurate

The world is not waiting around for things to happen… Adaptability is required for transformation!

If you’ve paid attention to the recent global news…

❌   Legislation and legal changes happen on a whim
❌   Questionable employment policies are being enforced
❌   Access to resources are becoming more limited and conditional
❌   Tensions and conflicts unabated
❌   Economic delays and apprehension are becoming more prevalent
❌   Leaderships nowhere as stable as in the past
❌   Traditional work environments and cultures are becoming severely unattractive

The world isn’t exactly returning to what it looked like in the past before the pandemic…

We’re starting to see the obvious cracks in the global financial, economy and supply system, that’s been there with or without the pandemic…

How does the story unfold from 2023 onwards?

How can we then find solutions to these global events and situations?

What can we expect to see in order to be better prepared?

What are the implications and factors for consideration?

What would it mean for the following countries?

All of these uncertainties are situations arising from very big global macro factors that are beyond any one country or your individual control…

But, one thing for certain is you and your mindset taking on 2023.

Can be better prepared when you know what to expect in the coming days.

No more If’s and Could’s but When’s & What’s.

It isn’t enough to ‘just know what’s happening’… We’ll need to drill down on how it’ll apply and what are the implications

Why this webinar isn’t just the same as every other?

This time, it is NOT the usual forecast and prediction webinar…

This time, it is going to be a special 2-Day Prediction & Planning Summit Event prepared specially for Changemakers!

Not only will there be the country-based world events forecast analysis…

There’ll also be segments for you to consider for yourself and apply what these implications would mean for you and your plans for 2023. 

What can you expect on 28 & 29 Jan?

On DAY 1 (28 Jan), I will be covering:

✅    2023 Astrology Forecast:

    • Which countries will see ‘action’ and significant change, so they can anticipate, adapt, prepare

✅    Analysis of 2023 Themes

    • Which themes are evolving from the 2020-2022 years
    • Specific 2023 Themes arising from Pluto entering Aquarius (always accompanies major world events and shift of power)

✅    What Types of Projects will Thrive

    • Specific Air Era themes for projects, businesses, careers
    • Guidelines for how teams will work with each other

On DAY 2 (29 Jan), I will be covering:

✅    What Types of Projects will Thrive

    • Specific Air Era themes for projects, businesses, careers
    • Guidelines for how teams will work with each other

Most people think of this as a self-awareness programme. This is not your usual Prediction Summit where you “Sit & Listen“, this is an event where you “Learn & Adapt” it to your plans and projects of 2023!

Transformation Requires Action!

But What Can You Gain from this Prediction Summit?

Ability to react to changes in laws and processes

Ability to anticipate problems that will affects teams and plans

Understand themes that undermine leadership concepts in the Air Era

Ability to act and operate with purpose and intention

Instil the desire to go above and beyond to contribute significantly

Effectively produce value using your unique strengths

The insights and analysis of this webinar will best benefit

#1. Business Owners / Freelancers

  • To make pivotal decisions and changes to your businesses to navigate the current economic climate
  • To adapt your offers to meet the new needs of the market
  • To refine the roles of your team members or processes

#2. Self-employed Individuals / Those looking to make a transition into self-employment in 2023

  • To refine your ideas and set actionable goals
  • To get clarity on your offering and fundamental core value
  • To know with certainty if the path you are choosing is the right one

#3. People who work with people (Coaches, Trainers / Teachers, Welfare / HR Professionals, Team Leaders)

  • To better understand social trends and address the client’s and team’s needs and challenges
  • To identify, use and tap on practical tools and resources
  • To apply astrology profiling as a tool for working with people

Hear From Past Webinar Attendees

Her past Prediction Summits has enabled me to properly alter and adapt my plans to better fit the current era! My business has been booming since!

Jayden Ooi
Director Of 33 Degrees Pte Ltd

I struggled with my self-expression from young. The course address that and inspired me to become a vocal coach to help others with challenges of self-expression.

Joel Low
Actor (Theater) & Vocal Coach Unlock Your voice

I am a coach and I wanted to have more tools in my toolkit to access to my coachees’ psychology deeper, to help them resolve issues. Now, I actively use PA as part of coaching.

Cheyenne Seah
Business Therapist,
ADHD Advocate, Coach

Use this prediction and planning summit event to structure some concrete plans for yourself

Is this free online prediction summit the right event for you?

Register below ONLY if:

✅   You want to see a transformation in 2023
✅   You are prepared to take the necessary steps needed to adapt
✅   You are an action taker in need of a direction
✅   You want to ensure your plans in 2023 will work out

2023 Prediction & Planning Summit:
28 & 29 January 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)
10:00am – 1:00pm (SG, GMT +8)


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Hear what our students say

“I’ve realised that I have ignored psychological factors about myself. Knowing these and being able to know where it comes from makes it easier to come to terms with the shortcomings and move to a better situation.”

Sohila Biczadehtakori
Psychological Astrologer
Sohila B Astrology

“Psychological Astrology pinpoints to certain details that I cannot find with other systems. May is the best metaphysics teacher I have experienced and I have studied with many, many experts”

Francis Yeo
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

“Psychological Astrology made a significant difference for my work and clients. It is very rewarding when I incorporate the techniques during my sessions.”

Yin Din Foo
Psychologist, Counsellor

“As a maths tutor to teenagers, I find that astrology helps me to have meaningful conversations and address problems. My students open up to me in ways that they don’t to other adults”

Kevin Khoo
Math Tutor / Educator
Teacher Khoo

“I am blown away by how accurately astrology describes my problems. Now that I know what is wrong I can fix it!”

Lacie Ong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner
Lacie Astrology

“I am an avid learner of enneagram but nothing come close to Psychological Astrology’s accuracy in spotting the mental movies that’s been running in life”

Mun Kit Tong
Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner
EastWest Astrology

“Despite seeing past success in F&B and consultancy work. This class helped me come to terms that theatre is my true passion. I am now a full-fledged theatre producer”

Derrick Chew
Director & Producer
Sightlines Entertainment

“I struggled with my self-expression from young. The course address that and inspired me to become a vocal coach to help others with challenges of self-expression.”

Joel Low
Vocal Coach / Freelance Actor

“I’ve always felt that there are two parts to myself. This class validated my instinct to juggle two careers. Today, I run both a successful events company and coaching business”

Joan Tan
Switch Productions

“Throughout the courses, it started to get very clear for me that my purpose and the work that I do should involve spirtuality and the larger community”

Anupama Biswas
APAC Senior Director (MNC)

“I didn’t realise how much my parents’ relationship affected my life. This class helped me appreciate my current partner so much more.”

Sheeli Kuang
HR Professional

“I’ve realised it was all due to my personal insecurity. I now have the choice to reframe to turn it into a positive contribution to others and be responsible for my own happiness”

Sherly Chai
HR / Accountant Manager

“It changed the way I saw my identity and my job, helped solved my relationship problems. I was standing up for things which I know were not working out well.”

LingYi Chang
Tech Analyst

“I understood the repeated habits and patterns that manifest in my life. I am able to read my friends and families’ charts more confidently now”

Darilyn Koh
Treasury Analyst

“I now understand why I act the way I do and how circumstances in life shape who I have become and to use them to my advantage”

Jia Hua Chia
Tutor / Educator

“In class, I learnt that my purpose is to empower women who have power struggle issues in their life. With the PA knowledge I have, I launched a new book for women to discover themselves and build deeper connections ”

Carmens Loh
Personal Transformation Coach
Author of “Open Up To LOVE”

“This course made me see “hidden” parts of myself so I can find a way to navigate around it. May is a very enthusiastic teacher and it really helps in the learning journey.”

Tarot Card Practitioner
YQ Magic

“I came to the class specifically to understand how I can contribute using my psychological profiles. Now, I use astrology to help others in dead-end careers and own their power ”

Cliff Neo
Global Training Manager
Career Astrologer

“Her course taught me to identify my talents, strengths and weaknesses. This is a great life skill.”

Rayn Lim
Founder & Director
Forex100 Academy Pte Ltd

“This course made me figure out how I best contribute to others, be the person I want to be and create value for people as an Astrologer.”

Riley Stein
Veterinary Nurse

“I have learnt to be much less judgmental about others and to understand my own personal psychology”

Kaishan Hu
Financial Consultant

“I found the ability to love others in genuine and less selfish ways. The course has helped me to understand myself and others better, be more compassionate to both self and others”

Wendy Ng

“The course helped point out patterns in my life and might be a good start towards awareness and change”

Betsy Goh
Financial Accountant

“I am a coach and I wanted to have more tools in my toolkit to access to my coachees’ psychology deeper, to help them resolve issues. Now, I actively use PA to help them in my coaching.”

Cheyenne Seah
Business Therapist
ADHC Advocate, Coach

Your 2023

Live Prediction Summit
28th & 29th Jan 2023
10:00 AM to 01:00 PM

On Zoom | Singapore Time

Click here to register now!

Why ‘Wait and See’ WILL NOT work

The post-pandemic world has drastically changed the way work and careers operate in our lives.

It’s no longer enough to just do a job.

You want to be aligned with your purpose.

You also want to make a bigger difference rather than be in a monotonous grind.

What’s even more impactful is that…

If you’re not doing a job you’re genuinely and naturally good at, you are easily replaced by a remote worker charging a lot less… or worse, software.

If you’re forcing yourself into tasks and responsibilities that don’t resonate with you, you’ll burn out easily and join the ranks of those struggling with loneliness, stress and mental well-being.

If you don’t truly know your strengths and how to use them in a flexible way, your rigidity will render you unprepared when career situations change rapidly in the upcoming years.


See amazing career transformations from our students

How Shi Xin went from a miserable government scholar to a passionate and happy aerial artist

Former Government Scholar & Assistant Director in Government Agency


Before class, Shi Xin was feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied with his job and wanted to leave. His desire is to be a full-time aerial artist. (a pretty good one at that too!)

However, he barely told anyone, and it was never seriously considered as a career choice, because he didn’t feel it was a ‘legit’ career.

Shi Xin was STUCK. Because of his full time job, he was unable to spend time developing his aerial arts skills. But he couldn’t leave his job because he wasn’t ‘good enough’ at aerial arts to convince himself he could make a living with it.

During class, Shi Xin discovered that he allowed his parents’ comments about his hobbies as a teenager to affect his world view… and that 30+ years later, he was STILL allowing those comments to hold him back…

During class, Shi Xin also discovered that it was his ACHIEVER nature to desire to be top-class in his endeavours…

But the same profile also held him back from 100% committing to his dream because he was ‘not good enough’. In fact, it was the other way around. He was ‘not good enough’ because he didn’t truly commit to aerial arts. As long as his commitment remained at ‘hobby’ level, Shixin will never be ‘good enough’ to be world class.

The course helped him to realise that until he broke this cycle, he will always be unfulfilled in his career, unable to commit to his dream, and possibly live his entire life never even trying to make it work.

He finally left his full-time government scholar job and became a full time aerial artist instructor.


Today, Shi Xin’s students are taking the stage to perform and he’s begun training students to represent Singapore at international competitions.

With THE ACHIEVER profile, he has learnt how to use it as his SUPERPOWER and contribute value to his aerial arts students instead.

Most importantly, Shi Xin is living life on his own terms, rather than blindly accepting a society-prescribed life and career.

“I never knew that I have THE ACHIEVER PA Profile, which restricts my definition of ‘success’ and ‘competence’ only to very conventional careers and skillsets!”

How Yin Din got the courage to pursue a meaningful career change from teacher to psychology and counselling

Former Science Teacher for many years…


When Yin Din first came to class, she had just started experimenting with being a school counsellor. Before this, she had spent many, many years as a science teacher… but had felt strongly that academic teaching was not her true calling.

Yin Din cared deeply about people and their emotional, psychological struggles, but her role as a classroom teacher did not allow her to use her talents in this way.

Although she already took the first step in her transformation by switching to school counsellor… she was close to chickening out and going back to teaching…

In class, Yin Din discovered that she had a strong The INDIVIDUALIST profile – which strongly believes in playing to each individualist unique qualities, not adhere to a one-size-fit-all approach. Most importantly, she discovered the real reason why she was chickening out on her own dream…

She wanted to guide students to be their own person, but she herself was afraid to champion her views, to prioritise people over bureaucracy.

She was angry, not with the system, but with herself for giving in to the system again and again – to break the cycle she needed to pursue her own path.

She realised that in order to guide the children, she had to be the role model first, and stand for her own methods in her career.


Today, Yin Din is a full-fledged counsellor, with training in a mix of Jungian and psychological astrology and other methods, bringing her counselling abilities not just to students, but also to adults who struggle with the same challenges.

“This was more than just an astrology class for me. I got breakthroughs in dealing with my personal shadows, and breakthroughs in my career and parenting as well!”

Jeremy Tan

Former Digital Marketer To Full-Time Trauma & Purpose Coach & Psychology Astrologer


Jeremy started out as a digital marketer but he always desired to move into a spiritual modality.

He struggled to be convinced that he truly could help others with personal problems.

His CARETAKER profile identifies his insecurities and fears that stops him.


Today, Jeremy is a Trauma and Purpose Coach, actively helping his clients to break out of past trauma experiences and toxic relationships patterns.

Tonya Shaw

Former Banking Professional To Professional Business Coach (Alchemy of Work Pte Ltd)


Tonya was working in the banking industry. But she felt unfulfilled in her career. Like her, she saw how many mid-career professionals struggled to find meaning in their work.

In class, THE ACTIVIST profile speaks out to her the most, a champion of personal welfare.


Now, Tonya has transformed to become a full-fledged business coach, helping mid-career professionals to find their career purpose.

Anupama (Anu)

APAC Senior Director In A Multinational (MNC) transitioning to Reiki and Past Life Regression Healer


Anu struggled to find a purpose in her corporate job. She found more meaning doing energy healing for her clients, but worried about committing to this full time due to family commitments.

In class, she discovered that she has THE EMPATH profile, making her much more suited to a gentle, caring environment rather than a cut-throat MNC workplace environment.


After the class, she is now making her transition to be a full-time healer.

Discover Your
Meaningful Career

Live Course Preview
12th Jan 2023
7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

On Zoom | Singapore Time

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