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1. A detailed explanation of your natal chart together with the symbols and indications on that chart.
2. Customsed Written Report with descriptions of your Psychological Astrology Profile.
3. Two-year Timeline & forecast for strategic planning
4. An Audio Recording of the session for future reference

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Sohila Biczadehtakori

Consulting Associate Astrologer

Sohila Biczadehtakori is the most experienced among May Sim’s consulting associate astrologers, and currently leads all consultation services conducted at Selfstrology, guiding clients to clarity in both professional and personal concerns.

She brings to the table years of experience in professional coaching and psychology for youths, on top of her credentials with a degree in Psychology.

In her apprenticeship with May Sim, Sohila has been directly trained in a myriad of professional astrology techniques such as synastry, astro*cartography, traditional astrology, election, rectification, horary and of course, Psychological Astrology.

Get in touch with the support team via email: Hello@maysim.com or WhatsApp: (+65) 8138 3615

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